High infant mortality rate is one of the most important health problems of our country. The death rate of infants is generally considered as an indication of the level of development of a country. Turkey, in this respect is classified as an underdeveloped country.

Infants dying less than 1 year of age lose their lives in the first month of life. Infant care during the first month of life is the specialty of neonatologists and four of the founders of this Foundation are the first neonatologists of Turkey.

The main purpose of the MOTHER AND INFANT HEALTH FOUNDATION is to reduce the high infant mortality rate in our country and to save those who survive from mental damage.To serve this purpose , our Foundation has been organizing scientific training courses for nurses, young neonatologists , mothers and the public. The Foundation is also meeting the needs of neonatology intensive care units in hospitals throughout the country.

The main goal of our Foundation is to contribute to improving the health services of our country. The words of Atatürk, our great founder, express the importance of our children's health: “THE STRENGTH OF A NATION DEPENDS ON THE HEALTH OF ITS CHILDREN” We strongly believe that we will reach our goals with the generous support of our society.


To reduce the high rate of infant mortality in Turkey and also to save those who survive from brain damage, like cerebral palsy and epilepsy.


The Foundation carries out the following activities:
* Training general practitioners, nurses, midwives and pediatricians in the field of neonatology,
* Establishing breast milk centers,
* Supplying necessary equipment for neonatology intensive care units for hospitals throughout the country,
* Organizing art and cultural events through the Social Committee,
* Giving scholarships for successful medical students,
* Contributing to the general health of the society through training in neonatology


Mother and Infant Health Foundation
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